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Family Dentist in London, Ontario

A beautiful smile is a reflection of your overall state of health, and regular dental care is the key to achieving a bright smile you can be proud of. At Dr. Steve Doubt Dental Associates, our professional and skilled staff offers a variety of general and family dentistry services to help you and your family sustain remarkable oral health.

Regular preventive care is important not only for hygiene, but also for diagnostic purposes. At each check-up we examine your teeth and gums for signs of decay, gum disease, tooth abrasion and oral cancer. Give us a call today book an appointment at our office.

Our Dental Clinic Services


 • Consultations

 • Examinations


 • Cleaning

 • Brushing

 • Flossing

 • Sealants

 • Mouth guards

 • Regular cleaning appointments


    • Wisdom teeth removal

    • Horizontal impaction

    • Partial eruption



    • Nitrous oxide (laughing gas)


    • Scaling

    • Gingival grafting

    • Root planing

    • Laser stimulation and recontouring

    • Polish to scaling

    • Oral cancer screening

    • Oral hygiene instruction and use

      of new hygiene aids

    • Crown lengthening

   Tooth Decay

    • Crown

    • White fillings

    • Sedative fillings

    • Inlay

    • Onlay

    • Root canal direct post and core

    • Root canal indirect post and core

    • Extraction


    • Crown

    • White or amalgam fillings

    • Root canal direct post and core

    • Root canal direct post and core

    • 3/4 crown

    • Crown lengthening

   Missing Tooth

    • Bridge

    • Implant retaining bridge

    • Implant screw-fixed crown

    • Implant cemented crown

   Missing Teeth

    • Implant supported denture

    • Implant bar-supported denture

    • Full denture

    • Removable partial denture


    • Veneer colour correction

    • Close space

    • Cracked tooth

    • CEREC® same day porcelain crowns

    • Home whitening

    • Office bleaching or whitening


    • Invisalign®

    • Braces

    • Study models

    • Cephalemetric and panoramic

      X-ray analysis

   Oral Surgery

    • Tooth trauma

    • Re-implantation for evulsed tooth

    • Emergency swelling control

    • Extractions and dental implants


    • Caries assessment and control

    • Tooth eruption monitoring

    • Crossbite and habit correcting

      appliances, rapid palatal expansions

    • Airway and skeletal growth assessments

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