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As general family dentists serving London, at Dr. Steve Doubt Dental Associates our dentists are qualified to treat patients of all ages. We are currently accepting new patients. Contact our office today to book an appointment.
Dr. Steve Doubt
I grew up in Bruce County on a farm near Sauble Beach Ontario. My instincts seemed headed towards a field in sciences and I enrolled at the University of Western Ontario in 1976 and completed my Bachelor of Science in 1979. While living in Medway Hall residence for 3 years, one of my floor mates was in the dentistry program and from listening to him the idea of a career in dentistry was born.

I applied for dentistry and graduated in 1983. In that time I also met, fell in love and married Sharon McDonald who has been my wife for 35 years.

Sharon has been a travel agent since I was in dental school so consequently we have taken some wonderful trips over the years. Our travels have taken us to many countries including: China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Europe, Dubai, Jordan, Egypt, Kenya, Brazil, Argentina and the Galapagos. Many of these trips were enjoyed with our two children. No matter where we travel, I always appreciate coming home to London, Ontario with its broad range of social, cultural and athletic activities.

Our children, Carling and Hunter are our pride and joy…they have been our true blessings and we look forward to their burgeoning careers.

Over the years I am grateful for all the wonderful patients who have entrusted me with their dental health. My practice provides a wide range of services including paedodontics, implantology, cosmetic, as well as CEREC® dentistry (same day crowns and inlays). People often ask me, “How do you do this job?” I have found over the years, that while the teeth may be similar, my patients have different goals, different needs, and different life experiences to share and that’s what makes it a new day every day. I take great pleasure and pride in the fact that I am now seeing the children of my original child patients, continuing a long tradition of dental care to their families. (And yes this does make me feel old!)

I'm especially proud to have many of my staff and clients with me over my 20 plus years in dentistry. Along with Dr. Anu Kapoor, and Dr. Karen Boland I would be happy to have you join us on our continued journey to dental care and health.

Dr. Anu Kapoor
I grew up in Chandigarh, India, a very large city not too far from the capital city of New Delhi. At the time, throughout elementary and high school, my true passion was playing badminton to the extent where I was considering it to be my future potential career. However, as fate would have it, I went to a female dentist for a regular dental check-up when I was in high school and was so impressed with her that I decided dentistry would be my future as well. With a change of heart and plans, I dedicated myself to the subject and soon enough graduated as a dentist in 1994. In dental school, I met my husband, Lalit, who was completing his specialization in periodontics. We got married the following year in the summer of 1995. After graduating from dental school, I worked as a general dentist in my own office in India for 3 years. Suddenly, out of the blue, my husband and I got an opportunity to work as dentists with the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia. So, we packed our bags and took a trip to an unknown country with a completely different atmosphere, language and overall way of life. We worked there for 7 very memorable and enjoyable years. After working as a dentist for over a decade, we moved to New York City where I attended New York University of Dentistry and received my D.D.S degree.

I have been blessed with 2 wonderful children; my son goes to University of Western Ontario and my younger daughter is a competitive swimmer with LAC. In addition to dentistry and playing sports with my children, taking my children to swimming and exercise keeps me busy.

After practicing dentistry all around the world, my latest endeavor was moving to London in the summer of 2013. Since then, I have been working with Dr. Doubt in the White Oaks Mall Dental Clinic. I love working as a dentist and I am looking forward to meeting all of you.

Dr. Karen Boland
I am a proud Newfoundlander, born and raised in St John’s. I attended Memorial University where I received my B.Sc. in Biology. I was working towards an honours program in Microbiology when I decided that I would like to pursue a career in Dentistry. It made sense to me since I had always loved working with my hands, from forming endless figurines out of plasticine as a kid to pottery classes during my university years.

Before I knew it, I was moving to Halifax, NS to attend Dalhousie University Dental School. My plan at the time was to return to St John’s to hang out my shingle upon graduation. However, as fate would have it, I met a young Dalhousie Law student named Marc who would lead me to Ontario instead!

Now, 20 plus years later we are settled in London and are the busy parents of twin teenage girls. I am a long-time employee at the White Oaks Mall Dental Clinic and love my role as a family dentist to patients of every generation.